Internship Program with Sebastian Oreb

November 11th-15th, 2024

Be the best, by learning WITH the best during this 5 Day Intensive Semi-Private Internship with Sebastian Oreb. This course will be open to 10 attendees, run over 1 week. This won’t be a presentation, this is an end to end learning experience where not only will there be a strong theory component, you will be personally trained by Sebastian Oreb everyday, and collaboratively coaching your classmates alongside Sebastian.

This course has been designed to take you to the next level with your coaching and piece the puzzle together and systemise your knowledge on technique and cueing, program design, anatomy, injuries; and how to adjust this intuitively as per the clients needs.


  • Strength System Coach Certification
  • 50% Off Subscription Strength System Program Design Software
  • Exclusive Discounts to Education & Online Mentorship Programs

Course structure details

Morning Block – Squat Focused Coaching + Training Practical
Afternoon Block – Squat Specific Theory Block

Morning Block – Upper Body Focused Practical
Afternoon Block – Upper Body Focused Theory Block

Full Day Theory

Morning Block – Deadlift Focused Practical
Afternoon Block – Deadlift Focused Theory Block

Morning Block – Conditioning + Other Energy Systems
Morning Block – Putting It All Together

Saturday + Sunday:
Assessments From Home



Theory Block Includes:
Program Design, Accessories, Assessments, Individual Variations, Exercise Variations, Questions

What you'll learn

  • Program Design for Different Populations
  • Real-Time Coaching, Cueing
  • Functional Anatomy for Strength Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Tips

Entry requirements

No entry requirements.

Internship Program with Sebastian Oreb

November 11th-15th, 2024

Base Gym, Sydney

November 11th-15th, 2024


Sebastian Oreb

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