Building The Ultimate Strength Athlete Seminar

✔️Are you looking for a system to help you achieve the best possible results from everyone you train, whether their goal is to get strong, look good, move well and be free from injury?

✔️Do you want to be able to confidently prescribe the correct exercises, reps, sets, rest periods, training frequency and deloading principles for your clients and actually understand WHY you are using them?

✔️Do you want to have a clear understanding of the muscles you are targeting as well as the correct technique to ensure you’re using the right muscles when performing an exercise?

✔️Do you want to learn the lifting techniques that are used by the highest level strength athletes and strength coaches in the world as well as how to cue them correctly?

✔️Do you want to help your PT clients, regardless of whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced, PROGRESS, GET STRONG and ACHIEVE GREAT RESULTS?

If your answer was YES to the above, I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU.

My brand new Pro-Coach Seminar is here to teach you how to design training programs for all Personal Training client types AND have the ability to execute them to achieve the best results possible.

I have coached and worked along side of some of the the highest level athletes, coaches, rehabilitation specialists and industry professionals from around the world for almost two decades. Everything I have learnt over the years, has been used to create this new Strength System Seminar. The training techniques and programming principles that I will be teaching have repeatedly produced outstanding results and I will be giving you the tools to achieve the same results.

  • Building The Ultimate Strength Athlete Certification

What you'll learn

The practical component will teach the highest level of Strength education on the most important lifts performed in the gym – the squat, bench press and the deadlift as well as in depth education on strengthening the major muscles and joints associated with these lifts.
The theory component will take an in-depth look at the science of volume prescription (reps/sets), load selection, exercise selection, training frequency, lifting tempo and rest periods. These are the tools that we use to design successful programs and without a proper understanding of these training variables, any program we create will simply be guesswork. Next we will explore and deconstruct the different styles of linear and non-linear periodization so that you understand how these different programming styles work, before applying all of this knowledge to program design so that you can create consistent and effective programs for a range of populations and goals.
By the end of the seminar, you will know how to effectively coach beginner through to advanced lifters, men and women, athletes from a variety of sports (including team sports, bodybuilding, and strength sports) and for lifters with a variety of goals (including muscle gain, fat loss/body composition, general health, and strength gain).

Entry requirements

There are no requirements to complete this course.


Should unforeseen circumstances occur, we reserve the right to postpone, cancel or change the venue of any Strength System Seminar. In this case, we will offer attendees the option to transfer their payment to an alternate Strength System seminar or receive a full refund. For change of mind or cancellation by the participant, we do not issue refunds, rather a credit towards our services will be made available. In the event of extreme unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to determine cancellation outcomes at our discretion.

Building The Ultimate Strength Athlete Seminar


Friday April 28th, 2023

$350 Earlybird Sale – $300AUD

Sebastian Oreb

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